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Hunted is a real-life thriller where 14 ordinary people go on the run from a team of expert hunters.

Premiere Date: Sep/10/2015

Genre: Drama, Thriller


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Hunted season 3 episode 4

Season 3, Episode 4: Episode 4

Magid's accomplice spots a hunter, leading to a chase across the Peak District. Bob and Alex make a game-changing decision as the hunters target the Freemasons for information....

Air Date: Jan 25, 2018

Hunted season 3 episode 5

Season 3, Episode 5: Episode 5

Magid has to make a daring move in a desperate attempt to avoid capture as the hunters chase him across the Peak District. Father and son team Bob and Alex are spending time apart for the first time since they went on the run. Alex is missing his mot...

Air Date: Feb 01, 2018

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